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Jiangsu JIAYu special equipment Co., Ltd., stock code: 836212, Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprises (before the split share structure reform: Jiangsu Chia Yu fluid equipment Co., Ltd.). The company is located in the economic prosperity of the Yangtze River Delta, the beautiful coast of Jiangsu - Haian, the Yellow Sea. Traffic is very convenient, 204 and 328 National Road intersection in this, the new long, rather than the railway from the territory through. Shen Hai expressway, Kai Yang Expressway and Su Tong Bridge, Chong Kai Bridge is the opening of the two hours of Shanghai economic circle.

       Since the last century since 90s, "Jia Yu" has been committed to the cause of gas engineering, specializing in gas separation, purification, purification equipment research, development and manufacturing. And relying on a number of research institutes,, with high-tech products oriented development, to create brand-name products as the goal, efforts will be integration of the industry's most cutting-edge technology in products, leading products JY-J series of air purification equipment, JY/CMS pressure swing adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen making device. Have been awarded the outstanding products in Jiangsu Province Golden bull award, the national new product award. Products are widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, cement, machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and environmental protection and other industries.

       "Jia Yu" is the Technical Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province designated manufacturing I, II, III type of pressure vessels of professional manufacturers (license No. TS2210G52-2017). With nearly 30 years of manufacturing chemical machinery and pressure vessel manufacturing history, strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment, mature production technology, advanced detection means, perfect quality management system, all products through the national quality and technical supervision departments of supervision and inspection factory. On the basis of main pressure vessel and chemical machinery, and has formed a water heater, volumetric heat exchanger, various types of reactor, boiler auxiliary equipment, textile setting equipment, glass fiber auxiliary equipment, cement machinery equipment, chemical equipment, desulfurization equipment such as ten series of product design, manufacturing and installation.

       Strict implementation of the company 6S management standards, and in September 2013 by China Classification Society certification system, built standard physical and chemical test measurement system, tensile testing lab, chemical analysis room, laboratory, X-ray inspection room, hydrostatic test area, standard welding pool welding, the implementation of a comprehensive quality management, with the complete archive of products, and the implementation of product tracking service management. Over the years the company with its stable and reliable product quality, honest and standardized business credit, warm and thoughtful service, sincere in the face of the vast number of customers and enjoy high reputation.

       The new journey, Jia Yu, the development of more need to support and care for your friends, in this "Jia Yu" all the staff to you for our love to express the highest respect!
Jia Yu is not only a product, but also a service, a culture, a guarantee.........

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Add: No. 516, Zhennan Road, High-tech Zone, Hai’an, Jiangsu
Mobile phone:+86-13506278356

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