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PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen making machine
 (Patent No.: ZL 201420555005.6)  
Thirty years of professional production of nitrogen
Reliability, safety and low energy consumption
Unique (carbon molecular sieve) compaction technology

The cylinder used in our company is composed of cylinder, piston, driving rod, guide bar and alarm device,  
As shown in figure:  
Has the following advantages:
A, pressing force F=PS and adsorption pressure and cylinder piston area, and was independent of other factors, and in the process of pressure swing adsorption, adsorption pressure is certain, piston area in manufacturing after the completion of the fixed, so the pressing force of the pressing cylinder is does not change with the change of schedule.
B, the cylinder stroke can be measured in the outside world or the sensor, you can set the alarm point.
C, the gas cylinder of the gas directly from the adsorption tower, can be at any time with the adsorption tower synchronization.
Special adsorption column for low dew point pressure swing adsorption nitrogen making machine

(Patent No.: ZL 201520646680.4)

秒速时时彩 Low dew point pressure swing adsorption nitrogen making machine special absorption tower structure with double steady flow streamline bed composite design, special vortex type stainless steel air distributor is arranged at the bottom of the tower, also the intake valve by high flow valve and pipeline connection, through the low adsorption bed compression air flow rate. Gas has no strong impact on molecular sieve, which greatly prolongs the durability of molecular sieve. To ensure that the pressure gas into the adsorption tower and molecular sieve full uniform contact, no dead ends, so that the use of molecular sieve 100%. Composite bed forms the lower loaded desiccant molecular sieve upper of special nitrogen molecular sieve, adsorption tower bottom air inlet, ensure that the nitrogen specific molecular sieves work in dry of optimum environment and effectively improve the molecular sieve oxygen nitrogen separation efficiency, the compressed air to minimize losses.


Normal configuration function:
● The purity of nitrogen, pressure and flow monitoring
● The computer operating system
● The unqualified nitrogen automatic emptying devices
● The molecular sieve automatic press
● The pneumatic valve switch by PLC automatic switch
● The cold and dry machine, automatic sewage filter
Optional configuration feature:
● The remote control / automatic (special)
● Load adaptation
The main technical parameters are as follows:
Nitrogen production: 1-3000Nm3/h
Nitrogen purity: 97-99.9995%
Nitrogen dew point: C = -40
Nitrogen pressure: 0.15-1.0Mpa
    Pressure swing adsorption molecular sieve nitrogen making machine (referred to as PSA nitrogen making machine) is the use of PSA as a special molecular sieve adsorption material, according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption to make nitrogen equipment.
    Under the condition of low temperature, by differences in the magnitude of the oxygen and nitrogen molecules in diameter and in molecular sieve phase to form the differences between the adsorption capacity and adsorption rate. Through computer calculation the timing, so as to obtain high purity nitrogen.
The flow chart of the system is as follows:

Our equipment is composed of air source purification system, air craft tank, nitrogen making machine and nitrogen technology:


    1, gas source purification: conventional configuration is a frozen dryer and four filter, the main purpose is to reduce the temperature of compressed air, remove the oil, dust and other impurities, as well as dry water. -40 dew point for the higher temperature (greater than C degrees) of the user, the dryer can choose a combination of drying machine (dew point can reach -60 degrees C~-70 degrees C).




    2, air craft can: the configuration of pressure gauge, sewage valve, safety valve, mainly in order to reduce the airflow pulse, so that the smooth running of the air.

    3, nitrogen making machine: the adsorption tower, control cabinets, cylinders, valves and piping components. Among them, we select the molecular sieve specific molecular sieve carbon molecular sieve, 13X molecular sieve desiccant.
UOP13X molecular sieve desiccant
Pneumatic valve using the German Fort (BURKERT) 2000 series piston type angle seat valve. (the valve can be operated more than 2 million times without fault)
    4, nitrogen process can: to balance the nitrogen from the nitrogen supply system to ensure the continuous supply of nitrogen gas flow

First, the boot step:
1, on-site inspection power meets cold and dry machine and nitrogen requirements (see equipment nameplate)
2, turn on the cold dry machine, press the "start" button, cold dry machine start 5 minutes after the opening of the compressed air intake valve (that is, the cold dry machine inlet valve).
3, open air compressor. Press the air press start button, air compressor to start work.
4, when the air pressure tank pressure rises to 0.8MPa, regulate the gas source two parts, control the gas pressure in the 0.4-0.6MPa range.
5, open the control cabinet start button, to start the nitrogen machine.
6, after valve (gate valve 9#) open, ajar nitrogen tank inlet valve (gate valve 10#) to nitrogen buffer tank gas supply, when nitrogen tank pressure reaches 0.6MPa, full nitrogen tank inlet valve (gate valve 10#)
7, start measuring nitrogen instrument button, needle valve micro sampling.
8, when the purity reaches the set value, slowly open the flow control valve to adjust the flow rate in the normal value of 1/3, to be stable after the purity, and then slowly adjust the flow to the specified value.
9, nitrogen making machine into automatic operation state. Operating personnel record operating data.
10, filter and cold dry machine discharge should be in time (1~2 hours)
Two, shutdown procedure:
1, in turn off the nitrogen flow control valve, nitrogen gas supply valve (that is, the flow meter on the top of the gate valve, flow meter below the valve do not move), nitrogen gas tank intake valve (gate valve 10#).
2, press the control cabinet to stop the button, nitrogen machine shutdown.
3, close the air compressor.
4, close the compressed air intake valve.
5, shut down the cold dry machine.
6, cut off the cold and dry machine, nitrogen generator power supply.
7, cold and dry machine import and export pipeline compressed air release.
Three, note: daily inspection, to check the flow, purity, pressure and the emergence of cylinder alarm.
1, petroleum and chemical industry, nitrogen as refrigerant, push gas, pipe replacement, purge and so on
Representative of the user: Sinopec group
2, metal heat treatment, smelting, in the bright annealing, bright quenching and other heat treatment process, to provide protection for industrial furnace gas and gas, in order to prevent the oxidation of products.
Representative user:
3, coal mine, nitrogen injection fire prevention, can effectively prevent coal mine gas explosion, provide a powerful guarantee for the underground safety operation.
Representative user:

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