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JY/JLD Series Freezing Dryer 
Excellent drying property and long service life


Air-cooled (high-temperature/room-temperature)

Water-cooled (high-temperature/room-temperature)


    JLD freezing dryer forcedly reduces the temperature of compressed air by utilizing the compression-type refrigeration technique, a large amount of vapor and oil mist condense into drops and are discharged outside by the automatic drainer, and then the comparatively pure compressed air is obtained. 
   JLD freezing dryer is equipped with internationally famous compressor and key refrigerating components, and is featured by reliable performance, stable operation, small noise and light and attractive appearance. 
● The integrated design is amplified according to corresponding percentage, to guarantee performance, running time and service life of the dryer;
● Efficient evaporator provides excellent drying effect; 
● Water separator will ensure the complete separation of air and water, the programmable controlled automatic blowdown valve will discharge water outside in time.
● Automatically adjusted condensing pressure;
● Several protections including high evaporating pressure protection, low pressure protection, oil pressure protection, overload protection and short-circuit protection.
1. PLC auto control, by which users only need to press the start button or the stop button;
2. Centralized blowdown setting
Processed air quantity: 0.5-350Nm3/min
Working pressure: 0.4-6.0Mpa
Intake air temperature: ≤45°C (P low temperature type)
≤80°C (G high temperature type)
Environment temperature: ≤38°C
Pressure dew point: 2-10°C
Cooling mode: air-cooling/water-cooling (F/S)
Pressure drop: ≤0.02Mpa
Cooling water pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa
       According to the principle that the saturation moisture content of air at different temperatures varies, JLD freezing dryer reduces the temperature of air by using the refrigeration technique, a large amount of vapor condense into drops and are discharged outside, and then the purpose of dewatering and drying is achieved.
       Process flow diagram:

   JY/JLD freezing dryer is mainly composed of an evaporator, a precooler, a gas-liquid separator, a compressor, a condenser, a control box and valves。 

   1.The evaporator adopts the structure of copper tube, expanded sleeve and aluminum fins and has high heat exchange efficiency and guaranteed dew point;

   2.We use Performer, Bitzer or other refrigeration compressor of same level, which have reliable performance and ensure the long-term running of dryer. 
   3.Danfoss or other thermal expansion valve of same level is adopted, and can automatically adjust the supply amount of coolant according to the load of dryer, to achieve the purpose of saving energy.
Check before start 
● Close inlet and outlet valves of the dryer and the filter, and open the by-pass valve;
● Start the air compressor, let air pass through by-pass valve about 15 minutes, and detach the automatic drainer below the dryer and the precise filter, make compressed air blow throughout the machine to clear away rust dirt and impurities retained in the air pipes during production and installation and prevent the filter element and automatic drainer from being blocked.
● Check power voltage which should not be more than ±10% of rated value, and check whether phase number or electric wiring is correct, whether working conditions such as working pressure, inlet temperature, environment temperature and processed air quantity conform to the nameplate.
● Before the water-cooled dryer is powered on, the cooling water inlet valve must be opened, ensure that the temperature of cooling water is not higher than 32°C, flow rate is not less than 0.2T/H, water pressure is between 0.15MPa and 0.4MPa, neutral water quality is PH6.5-7.5, and there is no solid impurities saw by naked eyes.
● Check whether the power light is lit after the power is on and before the machine is started;
● Close the by-pass valve and inlet and outlet valves, and open the ball valve in front of the automatic drainer;
● Observe whether the indicated value of coolant pressure gage at static state is normal or not. Under normal condition, the indicated values of high pressure gage and low pressure gage on the dryer at static state should be approximately equal. (Small-size type is only equipped with low pressure gage. Do not start the machine if the pressure is lower than 0.5MPa). 
    The dryer can be started only all above are checked. Listen whether the compressor operates stably or has noise, and observe whether the indication of coolant high-pressure gage (condensing pressure) rises, or the indication of coolant low-pressure gage (evaporating pressure) declines. 
    As a general rule, users can directly press down the start button of 60m3/min or below machines (air-cooled); if water-cooled freezing dryer is used, users should open the inlet and outlet valves of cooling water after turning on the power, press down the start button after 5 minutes, observe whether the coolant low pressure gage is normal or not, if it is normal, users should open the outlet gate valve of air compressor to supply air into the freezing dryer and close the air by-pass valve, then dryer will operate normally.

    Supply high-quality compressed air to pneumatic control, pneumatic instruments and pneumatic elements of petrochemical industry, light industry, textile, fertilizers, metallurgy, power, telecommunications, means of transportation, and processes in all industries; 

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