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JY/JRR Waste Heat Regenerative Dryer 
Low energy consumption and high yield
JRR waste heat regenerative adsorption dryer is a new type dryer designed on the basis of the adsorption dryer! The most important characteristic of this dryer is energy-saving because the waste heat regenerative dryer heats the adsorbent with heat energy generated when air is compressed instead of heat energy from the outside. 
1. It adopts the world advanced microcomputer controller to realize communication and joint control, and has excellent performance;
2. High-quality butterfly valve adopted is quick to switch, and has accurate and reliable action.
3. The gas diffusion device makes air flow in the tower distributed uniformly, and the unique filling mode will ensure the long service life of adsorbent. 
4. The regeneration process makes use of waste heat of air compressor, so the energy consumption is low. 
5. It has reasonable integrated layout, compact structure, simple installation, and convenient use and maintenance.
Main technical parameters:
Processed air quantity: 1-1000Nm3/min
Working pressure: 0.2-6.0Mpa
Intake air temperature: 110°C -150°C
Air rate of regeneration: ≤1%
Dew point of air: -50°C ~-70°C
Pressure drop: 0.03Mpa
Working environment: indoor
      Waste heat regenerative dryer (also named compressed heat regenerative dryer) is developed on the basis of micro-heat dryer, which shows the characteristics of the micro-heat dryer and own advantages. The dryer makes use of high-temperature heat from II grade exhaust of the compressor as thermal regeneration of adsorbent, and will not consume compressed air during heating and regeneration except for cold blowing. The purge air amount is lower than that of micro-heat dryer; the dryer consumes a small amount of air (average between 1 and 2%) during regeneration, saves energy by about 65% energy, and is an energy-saving dryer.

    JY/JRR series waste heat regenerative air dryer is mainly composed of an adsorption tower, a gas-liquid separator, a cooler, an electric cabinet, and valves. 

1. Preparation before start
● Start the instrument air supply, and control the pressure to be between 0.5 and 0.6MPa;
● Test the actions of all valves manually (opening and closing several times by hand);
● Turn on the cooling water and adjust the flow as required; if it has not been used for a long time, exhaust air in the cooling water system, and go to next step after cooling water is filled. 
● Start the control power supply, check operating parameters of process and all parameter sensors (by reference to technological process and parameter description);
2. Start
● Press the start button, and observe the operating conditions of all valves;
● The system has the function of stopping memory, can continue to operate according to the state before shutdown after being restarted. If it is necessary to operate again, the time order memory can be cleared by pressing the reset button. 
● Slowly open the compressed air inlet valve and dry air outlet valve, making system pressure slowly rise to the rated value. (If hand-operated inlet and outlet valves are unavailable, start the dryer first and then air compressor).
3.Shutdown (If possible, please try to shut down it after the regeneration process of regenerating tower is finished.)
● Stop the air compressor or close the inlet valve, and close the outlet valve;
● Press the stop button, cut off the main power, and close the instrument air supply;
● Drain off system condensate water, and close the cooling water inlet and outlet valves;
● Make the dryer under the standby state. 

       Supply high-quality compressed air to pneumatic control, pneumatic instruments and pneumatic elements of petrochemical industry, light industry, textile, fertilizers, metallurgy, power, telecommunications, means of transportation, and processes in all industries; 


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