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JY/JWR Heatless Regenerative Dryer

● This dryer adopts the special process, and the selected desiccant is molecular sieve which has stronger adsorption force and better effect than others.
● It employs controller - small solenoid valve - pneumatic valve actuator to replace controller - large solenoid valve actuator, so long-term and reliable operation can be guaranteed. 
● This dryer is equipped with a silencer which can greatly reduce jet noise.
● This dryer is assembled on a metal frame, no need of a special base; therefore, it is convenient to install and maintain.

Main technical parameters:
Processed air quantity: 1-1000Nm3/min
Dew point of outlet air: -40°C ~-50°C
Working pressure: 0.4-6.0Mpa
Intake air temperature: ≤45°C
Inlet oil content: ≤0.1mg/m3 
Pressure loss: 0.02Mpa
Air rate of regeneration: ≤12%
Inlet pressure: ≥0.3Mpa 
Power supply consumption: AC220V/60W
Working environment: indoor




     According to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, the compressed air is dried and dehumidified by the method of countercurrent heatless regeneration.
     Process flow diagram: 

(1)After the program controller is powered on (generally the run program of controller has been set, no need of further adjustment), the power indicator light is lit, and the controller displays the running times of drying towers (A/B) in use.
(2) Open the compressed air inlet valve (provided by user); check whether the pressure of compressed air is normal. Adjust the pressure of control air course ( pressure of the pneumatic diaphragm valve is 0.15~0.25MPa; if the pneumatic butterfly valve is adopted, the control pressure is 0.15~0.25MPa), and then open the dry air outlet valve (provided by user).
(3) Adjust the regeneration flow rate valve, and control the purge air amount within 12% of the rated processed air amount. 
(4)All system enters the normal working.
Stop program
(1)Clear off air in two towers, close the compressed air inlet valve and dry air outlet valve;
(2)Cut off the power of program controller.
Common problem analysis


Cause analysis


1. Program controller does not send signals.

1. No input power;
2. There is no output at the output ends or individual ones;

Check whether the supply lead or fuse is in good condition.

2. The air course indication of program controller is not corresponding to the actual condition.

The outputs of program controller are connected with left and right solenoid valves incorrectly。

Exchange the electric wires of solenoid valves of A and B towers.

3. The regeneration tower and the drying tower cannot be switched.

1. The normal pneumatic valve of program controller is inactive;
2. The output signal may be wrong.
3. The pneumatic cut-off valve is broken.

1. Check whether the wiring and coils are in good condition;
2. Check the output end of program controller and the corresponding fuse.

4. The pressure of regeneration tower is slightly higher.

1. Purge air is slightly larger;
2. The one-way valve in the T-branch pipe leaks.
3. The pneumatic cut-off valve leaks.

1. If the working sequence is normal, the purge air amount can be reduced appropriately.
2. Replace the sealing element of pneumatic valve.   

5. The outlet dew point is slightly higher.

1. The drying effect is not good.
2. The desiccant is poisoned or contaminated.
3. The purge air amount is too low.

1. Dry it again;
2. Change desiccant;
3. Increase the purge air amount.

6. The pressure drop is too large.

Desiccant is seriously broken, or the filter screen is blocked。

Screen desiccant;
Clean (or replace) the filter screen.

7. The outlet air is impure (containing dust).

1. The filter screen on the top of filter is broken.
2. The desiccant is pulverized seriously.

1. Replace the filter screen or add a dust collector;
2. Screen and add or change the desiccant.

8. The silencer has larger air exhaust.  

The pneumatic cut-off valve is broken, the one-way valve may be blocked (failing to reset).

Examine the pneumatic cut-off valve, and replace the broken parts。

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