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JY/AF series ammonia decomposition device

    The gas system, good sealing performance, no ammonia smell operation affects the operation environment.
    The catalyst used in the activated carbon, the decomposition effect is good, use in the normal condition, life of not less than three years.
    The decomposition can be used for high purity gas, the higher requirements.
Technical indicators: Nitrogen production: 5-300Nm3/h Gas production index: hydrogen 75% and nitrogen 25% The dew point: C = -10 The amount of residual ammonia: < 0.1% (after the addition of purification system, the dew point is < -70 C, the amount of residual ammonia < 5ppm)

Equipment composition: The JY/AF series ammonia decomposition device consists of an ammonia tank, a gasifier, a heat exchanger and a decomposing furnace. The flow chart is as follows:

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