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JY/CHA series hydrogenation purification device
The best choice of high purity nitrogen
Suitable for the situation of low hydrogen demand
     JY/CHA series of hydrogenation purification device, suitable for high purity nitrogen does not allow H2, CO2, CO, and the purity of more than 99% of the purity of the occasion.
Normal configuration function:
●The purity of nitrogen, pressure and flow monitoring
●The computer operating system
●The unqualified nitrogen automatic emptying devices
●The molecular sieve automatic press
●The pneumatic valve switch by PLC automatic switch
●The cold and dry machine, automatic sewage filter
Optional configuration feature:
●The remote control / automatic (special)
●Load adaptation
Technical index:
Treatment volume: 10-3000Nm3/h
Raw material: the purity of nitrogen is less than or equal to 99%
The finished nitrogen residual oxygen: less than 1ppm
H2 content (CHA type) 1ppm-2% controllable
The dew point: C = -60
    General nitrogen and hydrogen by mixing a certain proportion into the deaeration tower, in the palladium under the action of catalyst, gas of oxygen and hydrogen heating reaction of water (H2+O2, H2O). After deoxidation of nitrogen by the cooler is composed of a circulating water to reduce the temperature of the gas, gas cooled into drying system to remove moisture. After drying the gas that passes through (nitrogen gas dust filter) after the removal of particles, finally get the nitrogen purity is more than or equal to 99.9997%, nitrogen output pressure is 0.6MPa (adjustable), nitrogen atmospheric pressure dew point is less than or equal to - 40 DEG C.
       The JY/CHA series hydrogenation purification device comprises a heat exchanger, a tower, an efficient cooler, an efficient oil removing device, a cold dry machine, a precision filter, an adsorption type dryer, a nitrogen buffer tank and a dust filter.

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