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 JY/ZMS series of PSA oxygen generator  

Normal configuration function:
● The purity of oxygen, pressure and flow monitoring
● The computer operating system
● The molecular sieve automatic press
● The pneumatic valve switch by PLC automatic switch
● The cold and dry machine, automatic sewage filter
Optional configuration feature:
● The remote control / automatic (special)
● Load adaptation
Technical index:
Oxygen supply: 0.5-2000Nm3/h
Purity of oxygen production: 30-95%
Oxygen dew point: -50
    PSA molecular sieve oxygenerator (PSA nitrogen making machine) is the P zeolite molecular sieve adsorption material, according to the principle of pressure swing adsorption to oxygen producing equipment.
    Zeolite molecular sieve zeolite molecular sieve crystal cage type structure, the crystal cave has a very strong cation and oxygen anion to form a very strong polarity, polarity effect, oxygen and nitrogen induced dipole, and oxygen and nitrogen induced dipole and 5A zeolite molecular sieve polarity to produce a kind of induction force and easy polarization of nitrogen produced by induced force is much larger than the oxygen induced force, hence the molecular sieve in pressurized to a large number of nitrogen adsorption, the adsorption equilibrium is reached, the oxygen is enriched to discharge; and then depressurized to atmospheric pressure and adsorption desorption absorption accompanying nitrogen and other impurities to achieve regeneration. Set two adsorption tower in the system, a tower adsorption oxygen production at the same time the other tower desorption regeneration, is automatically controlled by the PLC program, two tower cycle, in order to achieve continuous production of high quality oxygen.
Composition of equipment:
    Our equipment is composed of air source purification system, air buffer tank, nitrogen making machine and oxygen buffer tank:
Operating procedures:
First, boot
● Start the cold and dry machine.
● The cold and dry machine normal operation after two minutes, the oxygen hosting control panel of air compressor remote control button to start the air compressor.
● The air tank pressure up to 0.6Mpa, press the start button to start the oxygen oxygen producing host, host.
● The oxygen buffer tank pressure up to 0.4Mpa, start the compressor.
Two, shutdown
● Press the control panel over the host oxygen compressor remote control button, close the air compressor.
● Turn off the cold and dry machine, oxygen machine, pressure machine.
● Three, daily observation equipment operation data.
● The supercharger normal pressure 0.65-1Mpa.
● The air tank 0.55-0.7Mpa, oxygen buffer tank 0.3-0.5Mpa.
● Oxygen - host 0-0.5Mpa.
Four, daily observation equipment operation project
● The air compressor oil level should be the design level between.
● The host oxygen booster, should be able to automatically start and stop, the pressure in the design of pressure.
● The drainage system should be designed according to the time of automatic drainage.
Five, pay attention to
● power failure and power supply or standby power conversion, the air compressor automatic protection can not start automatically and need in the oxygen making host control panel air compressor remote control button, and then press the start the air compressor.
● Booster failure or maintenance can not be used, open the bypass valve supercharger, direct supply, a supercharger to be normal work and then close the the bypass valve.
Application industry:
    EAF: oxygen combustion decarburization, heating, foam slag, metallurgical control and post heating.
    Wastewater treatment: activated sludge oxygen enriched aeration pool, oxygen and ozone sterilization.
    Glass melting: oxygen combustion hydrotropy, glass cutting, increase yield, prolong the service life of furnace.
    Pulp bleaching and paper making: chlorine bleach is converted to oxygen rich bleaching, to provide cheap oxygen, sewage treatment.
    Non-ferrous metal smelting, smelting steel, zinc, nickel and lead with oxygen, PSA is gradually replacing the cryogenic process.
    Field cutting construction: oxygen cutting field steel pipe, steel plate, mobile or oxygen generator can meet the requirements of.
    Oxygen in petrochemical and chemical industry: oxygen reaction in the process of petroleum and chemical industry uses oxygen enrichment instead of air oxidation reaction, can improve the reaction rate and chemical product output.
    Ore processing: used in gold and other production processes, can improve the extraction rate of precious metals.
    Aquaculture: oxygen enriched aeration can increase the dissolved oxygen in the water and a substantial increase in fish production, for live fish transporting oxygen and intensive fish.
    Fermentation: oxygen instead of air to supply oxygen to the aerobic fermentation, can greatly improve the efficiency of drinking water: to provide oxygen to the ozone generator, ozone sterilization.

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