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 JY/JLNG series natural gas drier  
 (Patent No.: ZL.2014 20554960.8)  
 Zero gas regeneration  
           Natural gas drier is a kind of device which uses the adsorption capacity of molecular sieve to dry and purify natural gas。 It is widely used in the exploitation of natural gas, transportation, gas and so on。 According to the using position is divided into: pre natural gas (CNG filling station) drier, rear gas dryer (filling stations after)。  
Product features:  
● Adopt the "heating drying method" is not affected by the freezing point of water temperature, the drying effect is better.  
● The PLC control system, automatic operation, users can set up according to the demand.  
● Desiccant - high strength, impact resistance, strong adsorption capacity.  
● equipped with release of the regeneration gas pipeline, zero emptying.  
Technical index:  
●The treatment capacity: 1~400Nm3/min  
●The gas dew point: -40~-70 C  
●working pressure: 0.8~3.0Mpa  
●The air temperature is less than or equal to 45 DEG C:  
●The inlet oil content is less than or equal to 0.01mg/m3.  
●The running noise: less than 75dB (A)  
●The working environment: Indoor  
    JLNG series natural gas dryer is using electric heater of regeneration gas heating, the circulating fan will be recycled with gas circulation through a regeneration tower, the desiccant regeneration tower be completely recycled, due to the heating regeneration without consumption of refined gas, the greatest degree of about energy.
    The main working principle of adsorption: when there is no dry compressed natural gas and the full contact of the adsorbent, the water molecules in the natural gas diffusion to the adsorbent and the "Fan Dehua" and adsorption. When the changes in temperature and pressure, moisture adsorption amount also changed, compressed natural gas through the adsorbent bed layer, because the water molecules are adsorbed is dried, adsorption agent in adsorption, a certain amount of water saturated state (also known as equilibrium) after regeneration can continue to use.
    The whole set of equipment is composed of two parallel working drying towers, a heater, a circulating fan, a cooler, a filter and a pneumatic valve. Equipment controlled by PLC, automatic operation.
The process flow chart is as follows:
   Flow chart 1 (natural gas drying machine) 
                                                     Flow chart 2 (rear natural gas dryer)  
    Natural gas drying machine is widely used in natural gas extraction, transport, air and other aspects of.

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