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 JY/JLG series combined dryer  
Zero air loss, low energy consumption
    Compressed air dryers used mainly are frozen compressed air dryer and adsorption dryer two types, wherein the cold dry machine has no capacity loss, the advantages of low energy consumption, but the limitations of the dew point temperature, and dry machine although the advantages of low dew point, but a large volume of regeneration gas loss, high energy consumption of the shortcomings. Low dew point combination type compressed air dryer, is as a combination of cold and dry the respective advantages of the machine and dry machine, the pipeline through the reasonable collocation with capacity to connect, to maximize play the advantages of the two, so as to achieve the optimal operation point and high quality finished product angry dew point is low.
    So the combination type dryer is the organic combination of the freeze drier and the adsorption dryer.
1, fully automatic PLC microcomputer control system
2, automatic stamping system
3, the valve automatically switches
4, automatic sewage system
The main technical parameters are as follows:
1, treatment volume: 1~400Nm3/min
2, gas dew point: -55~-70
3, working pressure: 0.4~6.0Mpa
4, the intake air temperature that is not higher than 45 DEG (low temperature), less than or equal to 80 DEG C (high temperature type)
5, the inlet oil content: less than 0.01mg/m3
6, operation noise: less than 75dB (A)
7, the working environment: Indoor

    JLG series combined dryer is a drying equipment, which uses the principle of refrigeration and adsorption.

  JY/JLG series combined regenerative dryer, mainly consists of: two adsorption drying tower, freezing dryer, valve and control system.

Boot step:
A switch on the power, adjust the controller work time and time sequence, set at a temperature of 200 DEG C, check the compression of gas pressure is normal, press the start button to start.
Open the inlet valve of compressed gas (mixed), open the regeneration gas vent valve. Adjust control air pressure to 0.35 ~ 0.5MPa, open dry gas outlet valve (self match).
The regeneration flow valve to adjust the adsorption type drying tower, the regeneration air volume control in the rated consumption volume within the range of 2%. Turn on the start button of the freeze dryer.
The whole system is in normal working condition.
Shutdown step:
The compressed air inlet valve closed, dry gas outlet valve, gas discharge as much as two tower.
According to the dry machine and cold dry machine stop button, cut off the power supply control cabinet.

秒速时时彩     JLG series combined regenerative air dryer for petroleum chemical industry, light industry, textile, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, telecommunications, transportation and gas control, pneumatic instrument, gas pneumatic elements and process of the industrial used gas to provide high quality of compressed gas.

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