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 JY/JYR series regenerative air dryer  

Low dew point and low regeneration gas consumption

   Heat regenerative air dryer's working principle and the micro heat adsorption heat regeneration dryer is basically the same, not the same, the heater temperature is higher, and so the drying effect is more perfect, the dew point of the gas can reach to 75 DEG C.  
Product features:
    working pressure to adapt to a wide range of dry gas dew point low, renewable gas consumption is small, but the switching time than other dryers to long, but easy to operate.  
1, fully automatic PLC microcomputer control system  
2, automatic stamping system  
3, the valve automatically switches  
 The main technical parameters are as follows:  
 1, volume: 1~300Nm fand /min  
 2, gas dew point: -60~-75  
 3, working pressure: 0.2~6.0Mpa  
 4, the intake air temperature: less than or equal to 45 DEG C  
 5, the inlet oil content is less than or equal to 0.01mg/m fand:  
 6, operation noise: less than 75dB (A)  
 7, the working environment: Indoor  

   JYR series heat regenerative air dryer is designed according to the principle of temperature swing adsorption (TSA) and pressure swing adsorption (PSA), pressurized cryogenic adsorption, high temperature and normal pressure regeneration.  

   JY/JYR there are heat regeneration dryer, mainly consists of: two drying towers, heaters, valves and control systems。  

Boot step: 
 (1)A switch on the power, adjust the controller work time and time sequence, set at a temperature of 200 DEG C, check the compression of gas pressure is normal, press the start button to start.  
 (2)Open the inlet valve of compressed gas (mixed), open the regeneration gas vent valve. Adjust control air pressure to 0.35 ~ 0.5MPa, open dry gas outlet valve (self match).  
 (3)The adjustment of regeneration flow valve, the gas consumption control in the regeneration gas rated within the range of 2%.  
 (4)The whole system is in normal working condition.  
Shutdown step:  
 (1)The compressed air inlet valve closed, dry gas outlet valve, gas discharge as much as two tower.  
 (2)According to the stop button, cut off the power supply control cabinet.  

   JYR series are heat regenerative air dryer for petroleum chemical industry, light industry, textile, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, telecommunications, transportation and gas dynamic control, pneumatic instruments, gas pneumatic elements and process of the industrial used gas to provide high quality of compressed gas。  

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