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 JH series pipeline type precision filter  

American HANKSION Standard
  JH series precision filter is in accordance with international standards of design, the shell is made of aluminum alloy or carbon steel materials, the use of advanced processing technology, the internal and external spraying epoxy resin powder, beautiful appearance, greatly improved durability and corrosion resistance. Using the United States HANKSIONG specifications filter, to ensure that the quality of compressed air, the maximum degree of protection of the dryer.
1, automatic sewage;
2, automatic pressure regulation;
3, the filter element humanized design, convenient disassembly.
The main technical parameters are as follows:
1, treatment volume: 1~640Nm3/min
2, the accuracy level is divided into four kinds:
JHC filter accuracy: less than 3um, the oil removal accuracy: less than 5ppm
JHT filter accuracy: less than 1um, the oil removal accuracy: less than 1ppm
JHA filter accuracy: less than 0.01um, the oil removal accuracy: less than 0.01ppm
JHH filter accuracy: less than 0.01um, the oil removal accuracy: less than 0.003ppm
3, working pressure: 0.8~20Mpa
4, the pressure drop is less than or equal to 0.02Mpa.

    JH series precision filter is mainly by intercepting and inertia, gravity and diffusion and the adsorption effect, so that the water vapor, dust, oil mist and chemical odor substances is barrier interception, pure compressed air through the filter from the shell of the air outlet passage into the downstream and continuously supply airflow, the entrapped moisture, oil mist, dust and other harmful substances through the drain valve discharge.

  JH series precision filter, by the shell and the filter element.

  According to the accuracy of the filter, from coarse to high, in order to install。 When installed, follow the "low into the high out" approach。

  JH series is widely used in compressed air treatment, to ensure the clean and dry air into the dryer.

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