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JZJ series of self cleaning air filter
High precision, modular structure
  Air powered equipment inhalation of dust containing gas, will cause the equipment wear, dust adsorption in surface equipment, dust, harmful chemical components will enable equipment rusting, corrosion, reduce the service life of the equipment, so air powered equipment must be equipped with high precision self - cleaning air filter.
1, can be repeated cleaning, high accuracy and moisture resistant filter elements;
2, imported special pulse dust removal solenoid valve, automatic operation;
The main technical parameters are as follows:
1, treatment volume: 80~2400Nm3/min
At the beginning of 2, the system resistance: less than 120-210Pa
3, filtering accuracy: 0.3um~0.5um
4, ambient temperature: -45 degrees C ~+65
5, power: 50HZ 220V
6, power consumption: <60~800W

    The net chamber outlet and the air compressor entrance connecting the self-cleaning air filter, under the effect of negative pressure suction, processing air from the atmosphere。 The air passes through the filter cartridge, filter dust is blocked。 Numerous small particles of dust to form a layer of dust on the windward surface of the filter membrane。 The membrane can make the dust filtering effect is improved。 At the same time also make the air resistance increases。 When the resistance to high limit 600Pa, the differential pressure transmitter will drag the signal to the pulse control device of computer, computer instructions, self-cleaning system begins to work; the electromagnetic valve after receiving the instruction, according to the procedure control, driving diaphragm valve, diaphragm valve moment of the release of the compressed air。 The pressure is 600 ~ 800kPa, through the nozzle after rectification, since the filter cylinder cleaning cartridge, the outer surface of the filter dust blown, resistance decreases。 When the initial resistance to the filter (about 150Pa), self-cleaning system stops working。

  JZJ series of self-cleaning air filter comprises a filter barrel, solenoid valve, electric control box, coarse filter screen, venturi tube, frame etc..

  JZJ series of self cleaning air filter is very simple to use, users only need to connect the air compressor inlet and the self - cleaning outlet.

1, various types of air compressor industry station, a small number of compressor units, a large capacity with a use;
2, the raw air oxygen station;
3, iron and steel plant blast furnace blower;
4, take a long time to run the diesel engine;
5, chemical fiber textile industry air conditioning system;
6, the central air conditioning system with higher air content requirements.

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