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Service system

Pre sales service:
To user detailed introduction of the company's products, and provide the most perfect relevant technical data, assist the design units technical exchanges, technical advice, listen to the customers and related departments, after comprehensive analysis to make detailed technical plan, for user review; in the design according to the actual needs of customers design, meet the user's reasonable requirements.

Sale service:
According to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the contract and technical agreement, and strictly abide by the terms of the contract to fulfill the rights and obligations.
15 days after the effective date of the contract to provide users with equipment related to the basis of drawings and other information.

After-sale service:
1, the company is free to send technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation, commissioning and trial operation, the user received notification after 24 hours arrive within, and shall be responsible for settling for the contract equipment installation, commissioning, trial operation.
2, our company in addition to the equipment list of supply, and random equipment required to provide spare parts.
3, equipment according to the technical specifications of the acceptance, and the warranty begins to run after one year, the quality of the product warranty period of manufacturing quality problems within 24 hours after receiving the notice of the company, is responsible for free repair or replacement.
4, equipment warranty period for the equipment after a year or goods to the next 18 months, whichever is the first.
5, molecular sieve life of more than 6 years (users should according to my company training plan and the use of brochures) and in use during the period under rated conditions rated point requirement, in the use of life quality problems occur within, my company free replacement of the molecular sieve.
7, equipment maintenance period (after the expiration of the warranty is automatically entered the equipment maintenance period) in case of special circumstances, telephone communication, such as telephone communication failed, 24 hour arrived.
8, the machine factory is equipped with all the equipment import and export flange, bolt, all documents are complete equipment factory.
9, against nonself corporate responsibility caused by damage to the equipment, our company priority to provide parts and maintenance (and manual maintenance costs for free).
10, the public works facilities data provided by the user, the equipment after the acceptance of qualified and signed by both parties, as the device acceptance certificate.
11, the relevant supporting equipment, our company provides technical cooperation is not the resulting cost.
11, long-term provision of vulnerable parts, spare parts and provide auxiliary maintenance work, and solemn promise: I all the equipment of the company will enjoy a lifetime of free services.
12, free training operation and maintenance personnel. Explain the principle, the whole machine, the main parts of the daily maintenance, replacement cycle and operation of the details, and the training of detailed records, the record, the two sides signed a training report.
13, regular users to pay a return visit, every 6 months to send service personnel inspection and maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Our 4 service commitments:
24, 1 hours 13506278356 hotline to receive advice and complaints
2, 100% user files, quality tracking service
100%, 3 users return visit
4, one year warranty, life-long free maintenance......

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